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Thousand years piano notes?

hey does anybody have thousand years piano notes i don't know how to read notes so where could i find it in alphabet form..??

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    I think you may be talking about shaped notes. It does have a long history not that I can find a lot about it online. It was used as a teaching method along w/ 'hand signs.' The priests could not generally read music but they could follow the hand signs if not the actual shape notes. I don't remember a lot about it any more though I studied it at one point in my life. You can still find music that is printed that way especially if much much older hymnals. It is an interesting topic. Below are a few sites that touch on shape note music.

    Shape note - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Shape notes|Four-shape vs....|Effectiveness of...|Origin and early...

    Shape notes are a music notation designed to facilitate congregational and community singing. The notation, introduced in 1801, became a popular teaching device in ...

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shape_note - Cached

    More results from en.wikipedia.org »

    Shaped Notes - The Paperless Hymnal

    Shape Notes - the eight note, seven shape method - - one for each tone of the diatonic scale -

    www.paperlesshymnal.com/shapnote/shaped.htm - Cached

    Mountain Grown Music - Shape Note Singing

    A history of shaped notes By Michael Beadle The method of reading music with shaped notes flourished in the United States at a time when a young ...

    mountaingrownmusic.org/shape-notes.html - Cached

    Book "Church Hymnal Shaped Notes Only"Tennessee Music ...

    Book,"Church Hymnal - Shaped Notes Only"Tennessee Music & Printing Co.,1951,Song in Books, Antiquarian & Collectible | eBay

    www.ebay.com/itm/Book-Church-Hymnal-Shaped-Notes-Only... - Cached

    Home Page [shaped-notes.com]

    Sight Reading Using Shaped Notes. Your Subtitle text. Home Page; Program Page

    shaped-notes.com - Cached

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    Thousand Years Piano Chords Letters

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    It's flute notes, but it sounds the same in piano.

    (I'm not the owner of the blog)

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