Am I doing well on the first day of my diet? Anything I shouldn't eat and any tips?

I'm 14 and I'm going on my very first diet so that I can lose belly fat for the summer. I'm doing exercise as well as watching what I eat and counting calories. I only plan to lose around 7 pounds, so I have 3 months. I was wondering if there's anything I ate so far that I shouldn't of ate and what I should avoid eating in the future? Also does anyone have any belly fat loss tips?

SunBest Fruit Biscuits Apples & Raisins - 168 cal.

1 whole wheat flour tortilla with half a cup of refried beans - 240 cal.

1 cup of cheerios and half a cup of organic whole milk - 175 cal.

1 cup of split pea soup - 160 cal.

So that all comes to around 745 calories. I haven't had dinner or a midnight snack yet, so I know that by the time the day is over I'll have eaten at least 1100 calories.

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  • 8 years ago

    You're not getting enough calories in your diet. That can result in starvation mode. When your body goes into starvation mode it tries to keep every single calorie you eat in order to support itself. That means you will gain fat rather than lose it. You are going way too hard on yourself for 7 pounds. You can lose that weight in one month with normal diet and exercise. All you need to do is do some exercises and cut foods such as sweets, fries, soda, pizza, all junk food in general. Again, take it easy its just 7 pounds. Also you need to make a change in your lifestyle in order to keep the weight off. I dont support people going on "diets" and lose weight, then continue with their unhealthy regime and gain it all back. You need to exercise and make healthy food choices in order to stay fit. I am not saying to never have pizza again, but limit it to one-two unhealthy meals a week. Maybe have a soda or two on a friday night or 1-2 slices of pizza. Keep in mind that spot fat loss is not possible. That means dont do 1000 crunches a day as it wont do anything for your belly fat. Maybe go for a jog around the neighborhood once a day. Hope this helps.

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  • A little heavy on the carbs. Cut back more on the stuff made from flour and add in more fruits and veggies.

  • 8 years ago

    Good it is good I was you once and now I'm ripped and muscular ... Just don't to workout to so u can build muscle to

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