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Homosexuality: Choice or mental illness?

Personally i think it has to do with the brain, since studies have proven that. And besides you don't choose what gender you like.

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    Nobody is born "Gay" either, as that implies it's a genetic error, causing a man or woman to look at someone of their own gender in a sexual way. This, however cannot be the case, as for that to happen, the mutant gene would of have to been transmitted from the Gay parent to the child, which is impossible since Neither Gay men or Women can reproduce.

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    mental illness, heck no

    choice, sometimes. With some people, after experiencing sex related traumatic event(s) in their life, they might choice this or that sexual orientation. I've seen/heard about this more from women. Like it doesn't even have to be sex related or traumatic. I have a friend who used to be in this relationship with this guy and he did her so bad. Took her a while to get over him. Now she has a girlfriend and they are living happily together.

    Really and truly, I think that being gay or bi (in most cases) comes as natural as being straight.

    Source(s): A straight gal
  • Wes
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    7 years ago

    Brain, but I wouldn't call it a mental illness

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Personal choice however some people have said they knew they were gay as young as 6 yrs old .

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    Neither! I didn't wake up one day and say "oh, I wanna be a lesbian for the rest of my life" like no it doesn't work that way! I'm also not mentally ill!

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    My opinion only ... it to do with the tribal instinct when the population is high almost at plague proportions there is less urge and pressure to reproduce...a higher preportion of the population will not reproduce and be gay

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    It's not a Choice,

    it's genetic,

    not a mental illness

    unless you consider

    heterosexuality some type of Mental illness too

  • 7 years ago

    I think Like hair and eye colour, its something that a person is from birth.....there is nothing wrong with it, ...all people deserve to Love and be Loved.

  • John67
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    7 years ago

    Not sure your desires are a choice, but having sex with someone is always a choice.

  • Ash
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    7 years ago


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