geography help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

The Rus (or Varangians) originated in:


The Balkans





Question 2

Post-war construction included renovation of poor and dilapidated housing, which increased the value of housing and raised neighborhoods from low-income to higher-income. This process is known as:


a. gentrification

b. blockbusting

c. agglomeration

d. assimilation

Question 3

The Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution both took place in:

Answer 1914





Question 4

Explain why countries once part of the U.S.S.R, Germany, and other former communist countries in Europe had a hard time transitioning from communism to capitalism.

Question 5

One of the main challenges Poland faces with the diffusion of democracy is:

Answer a. the European Union

b. Iceland’s growing prosperity and claim to Polish land

c. Borat

d. resistance by people in rural towns and villages

Question 6

The "Second Russian Revolution" was:


The spread of the command economy throughout the Soviet Union

The Russification of the many non-Russian ethnic groups within the Soviet Union

The collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union

The failed coup attempt against the Soviet government in 1991

None of these


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    8 years ago
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    Question 1 - Scandinavia

    Question 3 - 1917

    Question 2 - search in google what mean gentrification, blockbusting, agglomeration and assimilation (you can find it from wikipedia).

    Question 4 - You have to learn USSR history and you can answer the question (it's not so hard).

    P.S. This is about history, not geography I think... If you know the history of Russia and the USSR you can answer all the questions.

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