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I'm not a Republican, so how could I ever become a Christian?

Those are the same thing.

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    You do not have to be a Republican to become a Christian. Gullibility, however, is REQUIRED.

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    ^Mormons are technically classified as Christians. That Church is a denomination.

    There are some Christian doctrines and beliefs that can lead to conclusions Republican in nature, but that does not meant they are the same thing. Though religious belief does correlate with the Republican Party, there are nonbelievers in both major Parties.

  • Lynn
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    Your erroneous information and bitterness do not serve you well, Sparrow.

    EDIT NOTE: You come on here trying to attack Christians but the atheists end up defending them against your drivel. You might want to become acquainted with something called facts and another thing called truth.

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    You don't have to be an Republican to be a Christian.

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    Faith is between you and God. If you trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are a Christian, (child of God) political affiliation has nothing to do with faith. The only issue is what does your platform consist of as a voter. The Democratic Party on it's platform is pro abortion and pro same sex marriage those issues are contrary to the word of God. This is where things get sticky. Watch out how you vote and do not support issues that are contrary to Gods word.

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    There are liberal Christians: Unitarians, Episcopal, etc. They're not mutually exclusive categories. Why someone who is progressive in their thinking would *want* to be a Christian is really beyond me. To each their own, it is a free country.

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    First of all, no there not. Christianity was not founded under a republic, it was founded under a despotism(monarchy). i Peter verifies this by stating that we should "Honor the King", and when Christ said "render unto Cesar the things which be Cesar's. Im not saying we SHOULD be a monarchy, but that regardless of the branch of politics you sponsor, you can be a Christian.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    just cause your a republican doesnt make you a christian like this dude explains in the video. I am a liberal pantheist with no political party, I try to respect everyones beliefs.

    Edit I dont care if you thumb me down, it wont change what i think.

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    I'm a LaVeyan Satanist(basically elite atheist) and I, as well as all of my Satanist friends, take a very Republican stance when it comes to politics.

  • you are in error in your understanding of both "republicans", and those of The True Christian Faith

    in might be best to put the world's poitics aside when one is seeking to come to God

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