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Which sports get an invite to the White House after they win their championship.?

Ok so I might have phrased that poorly, but which sports have a team that get an invite to the White House after they win their respective championship. I know the NFL and NHL get the invite every year, but is it the President's preference or is it set sports? I wouldn't be surprised if the MLB and NBA get an invite every year, but what about MLS or NASCAR?

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    Any team or champion that the President thinks will help his popularity.

  • 7 years ago

    I'm not sure about tradition or history. Olympic gold medalists pretty much always get a chance to meet the president. I think the rest of the sports are up to the president whether he wants to invite them to the White House, but that the major team sports you named would get an invitation. I doubt MLS would (not popular enough) or that a NASCAR champ would automatically get an invite (individual sport), but if the president wants to meet someone, I'm pretty sure he can find the number of their agent or coach.

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