Who inspects rental properties for the city of Philadelphia?

With so many homeowners choosing to become landlords, what group or government agency is responsible for managing and inspecting the quality of rental properties? There is a real opportunity to take advantage and overcharge the poor and working class families for rent and quality of of apartments.

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    Housing Inspection License

    This license is required of any entity that rents any type of housing unit. (It is also known as a Housing Rental License.)

    Prior Approval:

    Commercial Activity License (formerly the Business Privilege License)

    Business Income and Receipts Tax Account Number

    Federal Tax Identification Number or Social security Number (for an individual)

    Zoning Approval (for two or more units)

    Additional Information:

    Renew a Housing License Online

    Partners for Good Housing Publication



    $50 per unit

    $150 for vacant property or lot


    Department of Licenses and Inspections

    License Issuance Unit - PSC

    1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

    Concourse Level

    Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Phone: 311 or (215) 686-8686

    Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am- 3:30pm (except for the last Wednesday of each month when the hours are 8:00am- 12:00 Noon)

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    Go to phila.housing.gov for more information. An owner is required to have a Philadelphia Housing License which costs $50 per unit. The local market, not the government, should set rental prices.

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    For what reason? In our city the hearth inspector assessments all company places which consists of lodges and residences yet not the guy contraptions - and by no ability guy or woman properties. call around to the city place of work for the guidelines on your section.

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