I started to use yasmin pills in my first day of mens last march 22,2013 and i had unprotected sex this mornin?

I started to use yasmin pills in my first day of mens last march 22,2013 and i had unprotected sex this morning. Am i still get pregnant even if im not fertile and using yasmin pills bec. My husband put his sperm inside me.

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  • 8 years ago
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    During your first week of using any birth control they tell you to use a backup form of birth control bc it hasn't taken effect yet, for future reference. That being said if you're regular, you ovulate 12-14 days from the date you start your period, on a regular 28 day cycle. Sperm can live In you for up to 5 days, so 7-9 days after you start your period and he comes in you is going to be you red flag times. Of course you can spontaneously ovulate at any time. So likely your fine but this week use a condom I'd reccomend. Google how women's cycles work, that way you know when everything is going on with you. Or download an app, if you have a smartphone. Mine tells me when I'll start, how long I'll be on my period, when I ovulate, what days I'm most likely to get preg etc

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    5 years ago

    Delivery manage is just not an robust option to terminate a being pregnant. If you are pregnant you would be severely unsafe the fetus. Your test mentioned neg. And people are regularly pretty correct if the test used to be achieved appropriately. You might have the alternative of preventing intercourse routine for a while to believe this through. Consider, do not simply react, okay? Keep calm... Your signs are similar to premenstrual signs so hold that in intellect. You may also simply be late. The pull out process will not be strong b.C. (birth control) due to the fact pre-ejaculation involves sperm, which leads to pregnancy. Condoms and capsules are way more mighty. The pull out process is only a ready sport until it results in being pregnant. You need to be on b.C. For something like a month before it is actively minimizing pregnancy chances. There are instructions and knowledge with no trouble on hand for b.C. Tablet use. There should be instructions on the container. The unprotected intercourse will probably lead to pregnancy. If you are no longer planning to elevate a youngster for the next 18 years, after which as an grownup, for the leisure of your lifestyles, you will have to take strong, preventative measures. This implies studying guidelines, due to the fact that what the consequences of your moves are, and appearing in a way that is steady with want you need, and don't need. First-rate wishes!

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