What Bug is this !!? Help!? (Photo)?

I found this bug on the inside part of my sliding glass door. AFter it was open for several hours I'm really panicked. It looks like an adult bed bug but i havent had any other signs of bed bugs whatsoever. What could this bug be?

I've checked under mattress, under furniture, and I've found nothing & my husband and I don't have any bites either.

I live in FL as well. I dnt know if its some type of beetle. But my husband said its niether a roach or a beetle. What could it be??

I'm 8 months pregnant & I'm freaking out!


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    8 years ago
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    A lot of bugs make us cause for trouble, including poisonous spiders, chiggers, bees and lice. If you found it in glass door, be watchful of ticks -- they can attach as you brush past grass and plants. Ticks do not constantly carry diseases, and many bites are not serious. But they can pack} diseases letting in Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

  • 5 years ago

    That's an murderer computer virus, so watch out when handling 'rationale that guy can particularly stab you bad with that proboscis of his. I have been taking pictures macro of insects nearly all of my lifestyles, so i can most without doubt support you. The two major things in natural world macro photography are the lens you're making use of and the lights source. For the quality results, you need the following: A good Macro lens, or, a fixed focal size lens of at the least 100mm, or 200mm "and" extension tubes or a bellows to head with it. "constantly" use the "smallest" f-stop on the lens (f22 or f32) if possible. That is so you will have the maximum depth of subject, which is totally primary when taking pictures in Macro, due to the fact that the closer you get to anything, the shallower is your depth of subject and depth of focus. Use speedy "strobes" for lighting. Two is excellent, three is healthier. (one for key, one for fill, and one for backlight). Strobes are quick and can stop the motion of the living insect AND any camera action. They're additionally very vivid and will permit you to use the smaller f-stops as I steered. Your shutter speed will have to be as fast as the digicam will allow when utilizing the strobes. If in case you have suitable gear, that you may "try" continuous focus on computerized, however I doubt it will work. So handbook focus is what you'll need to gain knowledge of to do because the insect strikes to and faraway from you. Takes lots of follow. You are very fortunate nowadays with digital equipment, since which you could shoot away because the insect moves, and so forth, with out traumatic about jogging out of movie. The foremost thing is persistence, tons and tons of persistence to get that "one" shot that rather counts. Have fun.

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