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Help about Islamic Religion!?

Okay I recently am converting to Islam, and I need to know how to pray, I cant speak Arabic, I can learn the prayers but How do I do a prayer? Also I live in United States so how do I pray when I go to school I am 14 Please help! I cant pray at school as the school will not let me, What must I do? Please, help brothers and sisters!

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    Salam alaikum brother. Welcome to Islam. I advice to go to a Mosque near you if you want to know how to pray, if you don't know where your closest Mosque is, google it. Inshallah(God willing) they will also teach you how to recite and memorize the Quran. If you cannot find a mosque near you try to learn the salaat and Quran online. If you cannot pray in school, pray after you come out. Inshallah it be fine.

    I will give you several links that can help you Inshallah.

    How to pray:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The full Quran with English translation:

    Good website to help you memorize the Quran.


    When you go to the Mosque don't forget to tell them you need help with these things. Inshallah they will help you.

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    calm down kid ,,, just speak with english speech actually God know All language ,,, thats why the Quran Say that God makes u different language to show greatness of God,,, so its okay,,,,

    i really want to teach u how to read the Quran,, and then u can pray to God with Arabic language... u have to find a teacher

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    pray at home in your room

    I can help you step by step. after finish praying myself [7m]

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    Do what pantherl said. i love you for the sake of Allah. please pray for us (muslims) since you are now sinless and your prayers are more accepted. email me anytime you need help asalamu alaikum

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    7 years ago

    Don't convert, nobody likes muslims...

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