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Shipping freight from US to Canada. Fedex freight issues, help please?

I'm having major issues with this company, first I call them I get a quote for dropping off a pallet and shipping it to Canada, I ask them about any other brokerage fees and they say FedEx does not have any and I said I need it shipped to my customers house. So I get to the drop off location, they act like they have never dealt with an individual before, the one guy told me I should leave because I didn't have Canadian customs papers? Like that was my responsibility? So after going back and forth we finally printed them off the computer, well now my customer gets a call from FedEx telling him that he needs a broker and the pallet is going to sit at the border? So now he has to get another company to get the package and deal with all the new fees. Something isn't right here and I am completely confused, why isn't my shipping company taking care of this for me? The guy at FedEx said he wasn't the shipper, I am the shipper and I am in charge of all of this.

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    You haven't asked any questions. Other than rhetorical ones and stating that you are confused.

    >Like that was my responsibility?

    Yes. That is your responsibility. FedEx does not handle brokerage for commercial goods. If you need to import commercial goods, either hire a customs broker or learn to fill out the forms, deal with Canada Customs, setup a business account, and pay your duties yourself.

    FedEx, like Canada Post, or most other courier companies will provide customs clearance services on personal goods up to a certain value. They'll fill out the customs forms, prepay the duties, and you can pay them back when you pickup the item. If the duty is over a certain amount, you can provide a credit card number and they'll use that. Canada Post charges an extra $8.50 for the service, FedEx and other couriers include the service as part of their international rates (depending upon the method). If cases where customs has questions, stops the items, requires additional proof, doesn't believe the invoice/evaluation, they assume the items are not for personal use, etc. then you'll need to deal with customs directly.

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