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What are some really good, 4-year colleges in New York City for undergrads?

I graduate next January, but I might as well start thinking about it now.

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    Depends on what you want to go to college for. There are plenty of 4-year colleges in the city, so you need to look at each college, what the offer, cost of tuition, size of their student body, credentials needed to get in (e.g. what the average acceptance GPA is). There's NYU, Barnard, Columbia, CUNY Hunter, CUNY Baruch, The New School, Marymount, CUNY McCaulay Honors College, Cooper Union, CCNY, Fordham University, John Jay, Pace University, FIT...

    Start by deciding if you want to go to a big school or small school. Do you want a spread out campus in the city, or would you prefer the campus buildings to be relatively close together in the same area? Some campuses are more spread out than others.

    Think about what you might want to major in. It's alright if you have no idea. You can start college as an undecided major.

    Are college sports important to you? What about student to teacher ratio (do you prefer smaller classes)? What type of students do you want to be around? Check out extracurriculars and clubs at each school, too.

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  • 7 years ago

    Columbia, NYU, and Cornell are Ivy Leagues. There's also colleges like Pace University and NY Institute of Technology that are likely a little cheaper (I think, I'm not sure), and then there's programs at City College like Macaulay that are really good.

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