is it true the pentecostal christians teach the gospel prosperity?

for example tbn reminds me a pentecostal church, they preach tithe is way of getting blesses from God? why do pentecostal churches preach the theology of the prosperity? for example lakewood, rick warren are churches without a name but they look pentecostal for me or they aren't?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I had not heard that Pentecostal denominations preach health and wealth. Just because they stress tithing doesn't mean they're word prosperity theology. Pentecostal has been around a long time. They seem to focus on the Pentecost described in the book of Acts when the Holy Spirit first came to the apostles and their followers. I don't think that word faith pastors use that. They do use a lot of emotionalism and that might be what you notice.

    Joel Osteen is word faith (prosperity theology). I don't know about Rick Warren.

    There are some exceptions, I drive past seem relatively small. I would imagine the pastors of those churches do not buy suits that cost several thousand dollars or live in mansions like Joel Osteen. There's a Pentecostal mega church in Dallas that probably has a very rich pastor.

  • Ian
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    8 years ago

    Even within the Pentecostalist movement such teaching is seen as heretical. In some societies it appeals to the upwardly mobile working and lower middle class groups. It can appear to work too as the self-discipline these Churches teach together with the social networks they create are ideal for primitive Capitalism. Historically this is exactly the relationship Max Weber described between Capitalism and the Protestant Ethic.

    The association with the teachings of the Book of Malachi is a perversion of the Prophet's message which was that the people of Israel were not giving God his due. Jesus told his followers not to store up their treasure on Earth but seek heavenly treasures.

    One certainty of Prosperity Theology is that it makes its preachers rich.

  • 8 years ago

    Our pastor had never said such a thing! If someone chooses not to tithe, that is between them and God. I agree with tithing. Our pastor encourages tithing, but would never question an individual if they choose not to do so. And yes they peach straight from the Bible, or at least ours does. He quotes scripture quite often during service. And I am a pentecostal :-)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that isn't any longer the actual gospel, via fact Jesus lived a life-time of poverty. He substitute into born in an outstanding, and in no way grew to alter into wealthy following His Father's will. The prosperity taught by ability of Christ substitute into interior the beatitudes, and practiced by ability of Christ in His life mutually with staying power, exhilaration, fortitude, know-how, and love. this is the prosperity of following Christ. no longer giving with the intention to get some thing returned, this is contractual charity and not the gospel.

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  • Mkemke
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    8 years ago

    FYI prosperity is in the gospel.


    lakewood is not pentecostal.


    " they preach tithe is way of getting blesses from God? disagree.. "

    and i doubt pentecostal churches teaches that.


    but you're catholic, so i understand. lol

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