Is it true UAE and Pakistan relations are growing stronger?

@H - Contract has been signed already, i know you will visit, if you have not already done so!!!

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    8 years ago
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    Why are you jumping on me? Regarding Reuters the deal (or what ever was signed) got cancelled 2 weeks later. You might check news after the date of signature:)

    I even never visited Burj Khalifa so far. What makes you think I would go to Pakistan just to see a building?

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  • WOrD
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    8 years ago

    why are you being hard on H , she is just pointing facts from rumors. Any way looking at the article no reporter's name was given, only "by Staff" no source was provided except Geo TV , which is the same TV channel UAE has shutdown before. I don't know where they operate from now. By the way does Mr. Riaz own Geo TV .. just wondering.

    Also 45 Bil $ sounds a bit much , no country got that much from Abu Dhabi .. it would be unprecedented if the news is true. Are you sure it is not 45 B in Pakistani money .. those reporters always get these things wrong.

  • Nazia
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    8 years ago

    Last year I was there as a tourist. Most Pakistanis were cleaning up Arabs' poop-poop.

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