OMG I was literally screaming at the TV!!! Alonso if my favourite driver but what he did looked really dumb, I mean he had the chance to pit, so why didn't he? was it team orders or was he just being silly?

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  • 8 years ago
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    After recording the race, I have watched the initial "tap" of the back of Vettel's car at the start of the race many times. As is evidenced by the lack of damage to Vettel's vehicle (which often causes a puncture to the car hit by the razor-sharp carbon fiber wings), it wasn't a big shunt but it damaged one of the front wing uprights and thus the entire front wing collapsed and we could all see the sparks resulting from the wing upon the road. It's a testament to Alonso's wonderful driving skills that he was able to maintain such a pace with such damage to such an integral part of the car until it entirely collapsed & IMO it was crazy of the Ferrari team not to call him in immediately after the shunt. I don't blame Fernando AT ALL.

    Anyway, Ferrari's primary reason for not calling him in immediately was their hope that he could stay out for a couple more laps while the track continued to dry out. However, as was proven by his ability to drive so well with such severe damage to his front wing, I believe that he could have been one of the very few - if not only - drivers to go out before everyone else on dry-weather tyres and put in one of those drives that is remembered, and revered fondly by F-1 enthusiasts FOREVER afterward. Sadly, we will never know and instead the race was marred by the disgraceful team orders of both Red Bull & Mercedes. Red Bull Racing should be re-named Red Bull Robots if they continue to tell their drivers to stop RACING!!

    As a digression from your original question, after years of F1 fans complaining about the advanced aerodynamics & turbulent "dirty air" when the following car becomes too close to the car in front, Bernie Ecclestone & co. have worked hard to improve overtaking possibilities for cars & thus increase the excitement that has been lacking since the early 90's. Although somewhat artificial in my opinion, since the introduction of DRS, KERS & Pirelli tyres designed to suddenly erode & "fall off the cliff" as they say, at least it has improved the overtaking possibilities and we saw some very exciting racing at certain tracks last year. However, now the team principals are messing with everything & are threatening to kill F1 with their team order antics. Fans will lose interest, which will cause the withdrawal of precious sponsorship funds (& TV broadcasting rights) & these same team principals will then complain about the lack of funds - it's crazy!!

    Apologies for being so verbose but I too am very passionate about teams messing with things so much & especially with such precocious talent as that of Fernando. But there are still 17 races remaining & I can't see Webber doing Vettel any favours from now on, as well as the fact that even Massa is making the 2013 Ferrari look quick, so it certainly has the potential that Alonso can utilise - & he LOVES to be the underdog, so watch out everybody else now!! Cheers mate...Forza Fernando!!!

    Source(s): F-1-obsessed fan for 33 years & watched the Malaysian GP 5 times already!!
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    8 years ago

    As it appears now that F1 racing is ALL about team instructions ................ he wasn't told to pit. It's high time drivers took more of this into their own hands. Surely Alonso must have realised his front wing was shot?

  • Ran
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    8 years ago

    they tried to give alonso some laps time, to make sure that when he pitted, he'd be ahead of the slower teams (if you pit the first lap, you will be last at lap 2). also they might want to combined it with their first pitstop, to lose less time.

    but clearly, it was a bad decision. even without the hindsight.

  • 8 years ago

    His stupid pride and arrogance. Preasure and stress is getting to the Oviedo clown. Team decision? hahaha. I got a bridge to sell in Turin.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    the team wanted him to stay out and stop for dry tyres rather than stop for wets and fall down the grid. he made the mistake by pranging it up vettels gearbox

  • Ism
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    8 years ago

    It was a team decision. Admittedly, a very bad decision.

  • Because hes a d1ck !

    Go Webber go

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