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Glen John has asked to play for England through pain. Should more players be like him?

And is Ferdinand a ****?

EQ: Putting your hate for his club aside, is Glen Johnson one of the top 5 right back in Europe, taking in the fact that he was great in the Euro 2012?

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    Yes lol Ferdinand is the biggest cvnt in football, an arrogant overrated tw@t

    Yeah i think Johnson has a brilliant attitude and is proud to put on the England shirt, i don't hate his club at all lol i'm and LFC fanatic but i still doubt he is one of the top 5 Rb's in Europe and if he is he would be 5th, he is great at going forward and West Ham away in particular he just caused havoc down that right wing West Ham couldn't deal with him!

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    yes more players need to man up

    Ferdinand has always been a bit of a bltch (im saying this as a united supporter)

    Glen Johnson has been absolutley phenominal this season and dating back to the Euro 2012 so i would have to say yes

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    the english supporters go through agony every time england plays, and yes ferdinand is a ****?

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    I don't hate his club..

    Yes, all in all G J is a stand up guy and who you would want to represent your Country.

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