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What has John Howard achieved?

I think John Howard has been the most successful prime minister in history. But I really wanna know why he was very successful. Thanks (:

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    John Howard had an incredibly capable team of minsters in his government not least of all his treasurer Peter Costello who was perhaps the quietest acheiver in Australian political hstory. Howards cabinet was perhaps the most powerful team ever assembled in the history of Australian pollitics. This is not to diminish Howard's role in astutely managing all of these people which is perhaps a prime minster's primary role.

    John Howard also enjoyed the legacy of the Hawke/Keating governments economic reforms which brought Australia from an English colony to a first world newage economy.

    John Howard was a relic from a forgotten time (ww2) who capalized on the efforts of others and managers to adapt his forgotten principles to a new era. John Howard was effectively relentless.

    But Bob Hawke is the greatest prime minister Australia has had and probably will ever have. Bob's reforms bought Australian from a colony into the nation of the first world with a powerful voice.

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