Did I really achieve something?

I came to this country 5 years ago, and before 3 years ago when I decided to change my life through education, I could not speak a few words of this language. My education foundation was also horrible. I did not know what is a sentence nor know how to to simple math like basic fraction. Also, my family members, and people in the group I belong to are all poorly educated. And, of course, no body has ever been to high school, and it includes me. Within the past 3 years, I passed the GED and CUNY assessment tests all at once. Now, I am a college freshman and I am doing well on all my courses. Also, I even borrowed the high school chemistry book and took a few months to study it. So, am I really did something in my life? Am I great or am I just a pathetic, poor, and lonely immigrant in this land?


Maybe this does not matter. alas

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  • 7 years ago
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    Your doing good most people who are born here can't pass the GED test. If you really want to do something with your life help your friends or your group so that they can speak English and help them with their education.

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