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Tips for a battlefield 3 beginner anyone?

Just got bf3 and was wondering if anyone had some tips for beginners.

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    1. Use the minimap (give it a quick glance every now and then, enemies who are shooting without suppressors show up on it as red triangles, which helps you ambush them)

    2. Use suppression to your advantage (in BF3, your character loses accuracy if he's being shot at - always try to be the first to open fire, even if you're not guaranteed a hit - just firing near someone can suppress them)

    3. Play the objective (on conquest, attack/defend flags. on rush, attack/defend MCOM stations. staying near either helps your team more, nets you objective based points (flag capture, flag defend, etc.), and enemies tend to be near the objectives, meaning more opportunities to get kills)

    4. Use vehicles to your advantage, but don't use them if you have no idea what you're doing (a tank is powerful - but only in the hands of the right person)

    5. Use your knife and sidearms (if you sneak up behind somebody, go for the knife. this way, you won't show up on the minimap, and you'll get your victims dogtags to boot. switching to a sidearm is always faster than reloading - you'll find that the sidearms in BF3 are quite powerful in their own right)

    6. Travel with others, stick with your team (not only does playing the lone wolf not help your team, but you have a better chance of surviving encounters with enemies if you're travelling in a group, even if it's just you and one other guy. two guns shooting at the same thing will always be better than one of the same)

    And that's all I can think of at the moment. Hope I helped. :)

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    1. Stop playing the Recon, don't deny it, I know you do. Just stop.

    2. Each class has a role, if you are gonna run and gun and pretty lead your squad with pure fire power, take the Assault.

    3. Medics are for point-whores that want to be at the top of the leader boards every dam time without firing more than an entire clip. Lay down suppressing fire and revive people.

    4. Engineers take care of their Vehicles and sabotage enemy ones.

    5. Stick with your squad, it gives the enemies someone else to shoot at and you get more points for helping them.

    6. Don't be the retarded engineer running after a tank to destroy with a drill. Don't be the retarded medic defibbing everybody only to have hem instantly die.

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    1 - Don't be a kill whore

    2 - Stick with a squad

    3 - Don't think it is at all like Call of Duty

    4 - Don't sprint around when not in cover

    5 - Play Team Deathmatch on Koshaar Canals to begin, you should unlock some basic tools after a while.

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    do not go into it thinking its like CoD. you will get murdered beyond belief. try and work as a team. actually play the objective. like in conquest, take flags. dont just try and rack up kills cause kills arent nearly as much of your overall points as you think. if you play as an assault, throw out med packs constantly and if you play as support throw out ammo packs every where you go. those are whats gonna earn you a lot of points fast. also revive teammates if its clear. not right in the middle of a massive firefight. nothings sucks more than getting revived right after you die and not being able to get out of the way of incoming fire and then dying 2 seconds after being revived.

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    -Basic BF3:

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    -easier for noobs:

    Youtube thumbnail

    -Pro Tips:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    These two guys really helped me get a lot better at the game:

    Do you play on xbox, if so, what's your gamertag?

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