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I need help for a name for my book (credit to the one I pick as best answer!)?

If you can give me a good name then if I choose that name, if I ever get my book out there, I'll put a thanks in there for you! (Just make sure to put your name in with the answer so I know who to thank.)

Now, to my question:

I need a name for a girl, the main character, and a guy, also a main character middle character. The story (Beginning of a book) is about a girl who is seventeen and she gets kidnapped by a vampire (The guy I need a name for). They eventually fall in love though. I need good names. Not bad names like cliche names for vampires either, just names. One for the girl and one for the boy. :) And I don't want names like Hannah, Heather, Hilary, Amy, Valerie, etc. More like names like Madelyn, Sydney, Sarah, Caitlyn, etc. :) and guy names like Liam, Matthew, Lucas, etc. not like Hayden or Kyle or Stephen or Damon. :) Thanks and please hurry!

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    Dahlia, Robin, Veriddian, Celedon, Sienna, Savannah, Carnation, Carmina, Nora, Ada, Genevieve, Gemma, Josephina, Vienna, Vivian, October, January, Della, Samira, Amelie, Milan, Mylene, Josette, Collette, Maxine, Cecile, Camellia, Sorelli, Ava, Brienne, Maeve, Georgina, Eugenie, Bianca, Fleura, Winter, Rashelle, Danielle, Sierra, Velvet, Felicity, Marriane, Sophia, Louisa, Lydia, Clarissa, Mindy, America, Tanzy, Penelope, Celest, Orianne, Moria, Tavia, Raven, Sylvetlanna, Natalya, Katerina, Tallulah, Harper, Summer, Blossom, Cherry, Bunny, Lori, Simone, Monique, Emmy, Keira, Jay, Annette, Cordelia, Marissa, Irena, Fiona, Scarlet, Rita, Angel, Jacquelinne, Bridgitte, Serafina, Arrianna, Antonia, Cinthia, Immelda, Medley, Poppy, Sylvia, Silver, Selma, Brunhilda, Trevelynne, Lynnette, Lucia, Willa, Paullette, Daveigh, Suzette,

    Grayson, Hadley, Luciano, Eric, Mortimer, Clark, Varner, Andrew, Harrison, Jude, Viladimere, Dominique, Travis, Rupert, Cornelius, Tyler, Nathan, Gerard, Colin, Drew, Solomon, Isaac, Dorian, Basil, Martin, Georgio, Gordon, Nicholas, Simon, Christopher, Slade, Roscoe, Orlando, Linden Gabriel, Conan, Sylvester, Pierre, Stefan, Miguel, Kenneth, Daniel, Ben, Vaughn, Walter, Redford, Leroy, Claude, Romian, Charles, Gregory, Milo, Antonio, Antoine, Marcellus, Carlton, Zane, Peris, Fitzwilliam, Fitzgerald, Royce, Laurence, Ramin,

    My own name is Helena B.

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    I'm just going to name a bunch that I like.

    Girls: Isabella, Kyra, Lyra, Bae, Natasha, Leanna, Emma, Cora, Dayna, Amelia, Cecelia.

    Boys: Aiden, Thomas, James, Dakota, Demitri... Ok. So Demitri sounds a little cliche.

    Hope this helped!

    By the way, my name is Fee Smith.

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    Girl: Annaliese, Jana, Marisol, Gwynn, Whit (short for Whitney)

    Boy: Micah, Zane, Oliver, Tyler, Brendan, Xander

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    The girl can be Natalie or Elizabeth (Lizzie for short) The Guy name can be Ethan or Caleb.

    Sharron( and yes it's sharron with 2 r's :P)

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