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does the new and improved gop sound like socialism?


The Republican Party must be the champion of those who seek to climb the economic ladder of life.

Low-income Americans are hardworking people who want to become hard-working middle-income

Americans. Middle-income Americans want to become upper-middle-income, and so on. We need

to help everyone make it in America.

We have to blow the whistle at corporate malfeasance and attack corporate welfare. We should

speak out when a company liquidates itself and its executives receive bonuses but rank-and-file

workers are left unemployed. We should speak out when CEOs receive tens of millions of dollars

in retirement packages but middle-class workers have not had a meaningful raise in years.

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    These ******* continue to move left and they will lose what support they have. I'm not in favor of changing my ideology just because a few mops think it will bring in more voters.

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    Yeah -- but so did the old GOP. Rhetoric aside, the policies fo the far right are essentially socialist. Examples:

    >subsidies for large corporations (government interference in the market)

    >opposition to Obama's shift to supporting private-enterprise space travel instead of large government programs (thought we forgot about that, didn't you, cons?)

    >expansion of Medicare (1985 -- adding federal workers; 2004 adding drug coverage)

    >opposition to labor contracts negotiated based on market conditions (i.e. anti-union stance).

    >mandating individual purchase of health insurance (that's a REPUBLICAN idea, not Obama's)

    Etc., etc., . . . .

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    Ron Paul.

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    8 years ago

    I like the new Libertarian GOP.

    More divisions between Conservatives, Neo-Cons, Libertarians, and fascists

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