Multiple choice history questions?

1. Who supervised the reconstruction of Japan after ww2

a)macarthur b) patton c) roosevelt d) eisenhower e) truman

2. Germany's "last stand" against the allies:

a) d-day b) battle of Stalingrad c) Iwo Jima d)battle of the bulge

3. the battle to liberate occupied france:

a) battle Stalingradrad b) Iwo Jima c) d-day d) battle of the bulge

4. the greatest german tank commander of ww2

a) goebels b)patton Montgomeryery d) eisenhower e) rommel

5. why did german generals not want to attack the soviet union?

a) they didn't want a 2 front war

b) they wanted to defeated the GB and the US first

c) germany hadnonaggressionion pact with ussr

d) all of the above

6. one of the new weapons that was used in ww2 was

a) submarine b) machine gun) c) aircraft carrier d) guns

7. how many jews were killed as a result of the holocaust?

a) all Europe'spes jewish population

b) 2/3rds Europe'spes jewish population

c) 1/10th Europe'spes jewish population

d)1/2 Europe'spes jewish population

8. estimates of the death toll of ww2

a) about millioniom b) about 100 million c) about 10 million d) about 20 million

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  • SSTT
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    7 years ago
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    1) a

    2) d

    3) c

    4) e Rommel was best.

    5) may be d

    6 c

    7) b

    8) b

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  • 4 years ago

    Neutrality means you can deal with both combatants in a war equally. As a result, only a represents neutrality. Why now not the others? B - representatives could be sent, to speak about/intervene within the struggle c - protecting the residents of a neutral nation would intrude with the intentions of at the least some of the combatant nations d - Would most effective exhibit neutrality if you happen to sold weapons to each countries

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  • 7 years ago


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  • Ray W
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    7 years ago

    9. Why don`t you do your own Homework?

    a) You fell asleep in class b) You are as dumb as a box of rocks c) You are too bloody idle.

    Look up the answers, it is simple. Do your own homework and you will learn!!!


    Source(s): 35_+ years of doing my own work. As a result of which I can answer all of your questions out of my own head
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