aep scamming me and my family?

I need a little advise please no one call me or my family names we are a low income family but anyway. we owe the electric company 3,000 dollars we pay them 250 a month and it keeps going up. we paid 600 dollars a month for 6 months and it never went down. well it was winter and here were i live they cannot shut you off from november 15th till april 15th. a lady called us from aep and said if we didnt pay them 573 dollars by the 18th of march they would shut us off so we did and they still shut us off we called and complained they said oppsie we didnt see the payment my bad. we sat in the dark for 3 hours freezing because of a mistake they made. anyway i went out to our power box early in the morning on the 18th because that was when they were suppose to read it. and the box said we used 2908 kwh. when we got the next bill including the total they said we used as on the 18th it said we used 5816 kwh. if you do the math they doubled our kwh usage. our kwh has always been high since the big power outage during the summer that cost the company billions of dollars to fix. obviously they are scamming us into paying double what can me and my family do about this.


aep is american electric power. I forgot to say that and I appreciate anyones thoughts I will try the first one though try to get the story out there

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  • 8 years ago
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    I believe that AEP is 'American Electric Power'.

    I suggest that you call the Governor's office in your state. Call the mayor's office of your city. Call any and every politician in your area who are supposed to be 'representing' you. Call the local news channels.

    Get this story out there.

    (It's an outrageous scam that you are going through. Reveal it to the public.)

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