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Where can I buy bulk dog food?

I'd like to buy some high quality dog food for cheap, preferably at about $.50 a pound. I just don't know where to get it. All the bulk or wholesale companies only sell to people who will distribute their food or have a pet store. What would be the best way to find someone that would sell me 12-15 bags (16 months) of food at a cheap price with a high quality. I know its a lot to ask... But dog food is getting too expensive.


That should say 6 months

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    Check with local feed mills or farm supplies, I don't know about them selling it for 50 cents a pound.

    I get my dog food at feed mill and it cost me around $380.00 every 4 months, that is for 17 dogs and 6 cats.Most places won't sell 16 month supply, because it will turn rancid and bugs and mice and rats will get in it.

    @Lizzie, the feed mill I use take bags if different foods as per my vet and mixes it up for my dogs

    So yes while some places do sell opened bags in a bulk form feed mills don't.

    Their business license is on the line and they can't afford to loose them.


    As for the 6 month mistake, how many dogs do you feed that you need to buy so much in advance.

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    Most of the places that sell unbagged dog food are only selling dog food from bags that were torn and dumped the food on the floor. The food may have been exposed to rat and/or mouse droppings/urine, insecticides, floor cleaners and other things. It's not usually a good idea to risk your dog's health on that.

    A dog food company could sell bulk dog food but I don't think that they sell to the public because they make more profit selling it already bagged and labeled to stores (and then the stores make a profit, too), as you already know.

    Why not look into finding out the rules of being a distributor for Flint River Ranch or some other brand (that's the only one I could think of at the moment)? Maybe you could buy HALF of what you need at a bulk rate and then Sell the rest to yourself, but not tell them that.

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    Depends on what brand you buy. Many companies do 'breeders clubs' where you buy in bulk say 4 20kg bags which retail would be £60 each ( retail size is 15kg only) and they work out at £30 each for the 20kg and delivered to your door as well. Other companies have a point of collection locally to you.You join the breeders club so you get the card and discount.

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    You can try Sams Club, BJ's Club, Costco..

    Also, local farm supply stores sell dog & cat food..maybe you can find bulk dog food there.

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