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I wear jeans in the summer (Summer getting close)?

I always wear jeans no matter how hot it is outside. I don't feel comfortable in shorts. My parents always thought is was weird. Is it? I don't care who hates if it is but I just want to know. I think you'd be cooler in jeans because the material blocks the heat out from hitting your legs. When your in shorts your letting the heat from the sun shine right on your legs making it hot. Do you agree?

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    wear what you like. who cares what others think. be you!

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    No the heat still hits your legs, and makes your jeans stick to you and makes you hotter, however it's your choice if you want to wear jeans , a lot of people do because there uncomfortable showing their legs, think there to pale or are insecure or generally just want to wear them. It won't make you cooler but its your choice and its fine:)

  • 1) The heat factor depends on the thickness of the jeans, but thinner one's would block heat effectively. lighter colors will reflect the light while dark colors will absorb light, making you hotter.

    2) As long as the jeans don't go against a dress code or something, you're fine. it's completely normal to have a preference for clothes. it actually might tell you about your personality. like if your determined to do what you like, or you hide secrets from other people.

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    I also wear jeans all year round it doesn't matter how hot it is. I feel so much more comfortable than wearing shorts and I don't think it's weird at all.

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    I wear jeans or Capris in the summer cause I don't feel comfortable wearing shorts cause I'm so white! Haha I don't think it's weird wear whatever you feel comfortable in:) but I don't agree jeans make it hotter

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    does not matter what the weather is u should just put on what you want i were genes coz my legs are so pale and i dont want to show them of just do what u want

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