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What os the best items to have in a 72 hour bug-out-bag?

Can someone type a list of the best items to have in a 72 hour bug-out-bag? Thx

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    hey blake! you should consider having all of these items in your bag, but most importantly, you need to practice, practice, practice with each and every item in your bag. also something else you need to note, is you need to maintain core body temperature here's a link on the importance of that ( anyways, here's a list of the things you should include in your 72 BOB:

    -make sure you have a good reliable bag to carry all your gear in and whatnot.

    -have a good bushcraft knife i'd suggest getting a mora knife, they are very reliable, sharp as a razor, and hardly ever lose their edge. (

    -fire starter - i would get a fire starter (firesteel), matches, and a lighter - that way you have backup sources

    -a good compass - polaris makes a great compass

    - a water filtration straw and water purification drops/tablets

    -canteen/water bottle to store water in

    -first aid kit


    -knife sharpener to keep your blades sharp

    -0 degree sleeping bag and wool blanket

    -machete - i like machete's a lot better than a hatchet

    -some sort of stove system

    -a tarp - you can use this to create a shelter or collect water

    - trash bag - you can use this for collecting water or even use as a method of shelter (ie a poncho)

    -550lb. paracord - paracord is like duck tape, it has a million uses, and can help you get out of a lot of situations. (

    but for more suggestion/idea, i get all of my tips from Dan's Depot, and they probably have the best all around survival kit that is already assembled. and i would suggest to also read other article on their blog... a lot of good info there, and a lot of free deals too.

    Dan's Deluxe Survival Kit:

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