Photography ideas/inspiration?

I need some ideas for pictures for my art project! All I have is me, myself and my room. I'm using a Nikon D3100 for this.

Just random ideas that I could do in my room, like a picture of my lips (already did that) or my hands (but how?) and maybe some examples would be awesome! Anything, I just need inspiration!

Thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    Cross your hands overlapping and put a butterfly of a heart at the center. A real butterfly if you can and paint your nails the cool colors of the butterfly or heart. You could even be dramatic and paint your nails black with it. You could even draw the butterfly or heart on your hands. Still overlapping with palms down. Or draw a tree with the branches and leaves doing through your veins. That would be cool.

    Take a picture of your pet or an animal.

    Put on red lipstick, do dramatic black make up and do your hair curled really pretty. Take a picture from the side with a half smile and/or a wink..

    Wear cool earrings and take a picture of your ear with twinkle Christmas lights blurred in the background.

    Put something like and award in your closet with all else cleared out and take a picture.

    Take a picture of you with other pictures of yourself around you. Make yourself the earth in the picture and put other pictures around your face taped to the wall. Put pictures of yourself for a timeline effect. Put either an excited or nonchalant facial expression.

    Lay on your rug with a dazed expression with your homework around you.

    Take a picture outside when there are raindrops or snow on the window of even if the sun is reflecting off of it.

    Take a picture of your eye and draw swirls of eyeliner around it.

    All cool ideas

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Look at Duane Michals photographs

    For example

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