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How to start motocross ?

Hi guys,

I was wondering how I could go about starting motocross riding. I don't have a bike as I have never even ridden before. I was looking at an experience day with Yamaha. Has anybody been on one of these ? If not how would you suggest i go about taking up motocross ?

Thanks in advance

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    Here are the steps.

    1. Purchase a motocross bike. You can purchase new or used. For a new one, go to the local dealer and buy one. For a used one, go on Ebay, Craigslist, BikeFinds or CycleTrader.

    2. Purchase racing gear. You can purchase new gear from the dealership or you can go with used gear. Ebay, Craigslist, garage sales and flea markets.

    3. Purchase transportation for you, your bike and your gear.

    4. Purchase tools, fuel and oil.

    5. Purchase a membership in the sanctioning racing organization. In the US, it is the American Motorcycle Association (AMA).

    6. Go to the local tracks and practice. Ride as often as you can. If you are having problem in a section, sit off on the side of the track in that part and watch guys go through.

    7. When you get enough riding experience, go to the local race track, sign up on race day, pay your money and race in your class.

    When it comes to choosing a bike, you can 4-stroke or 2-stroke. 2-storkes produce more power and torque than a single cylinder 4-stroke of the same engine size, but their power delivery is more abrupt. 4-strokes have smoother power bands and are easier to ride than 2-strokes. 4-strokes go longer in between engine rebuilds. 2-strokes are lighter and easier to rebuild.

    If you go modern 4-stroke you will have a large variety of bikes to choose from. If you go modern 2-stroke, you will have only three companies to choose from - Yamaha, KTM and Husqvarna. If you go with an older 2-stroke made from the 1990's to early 2000's, you will have just as many choices as you would if you purchased used. Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda all stopped making large bore 2-strokes by 2007. There is an exception. Service Honda makes a Kawasaki KX500AF and a Honda CR500AF which are big bore 2-strokes. These bikes are flat out beasts and I would not recommend them to a novice racer.

    I am not a fan of Yamaha. There are not bad motorcycles and have actually been accredited with some innovations that are still used today. I like Suzuki's and Honda's better. My favorite race bike is a Maico.

    For riding tips you can purchase the book: "how to win motocross" by Gary Bailey. You can also watch YouTube videos.


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    Source(s): Riding and racing since 1973. Ex-Honda/Yamaha mechanic.
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    How To Start Motocross

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    The dirt bike depending on what year you want will range anywhere from 6,400- 7,200 (Preferably go with the newest year out such as the new 2010's the Honda CRF250 is great, the new 2010 KX 250f is just as good if not better.) Plus tax, licensing etc will probably be about another 600. The gear incluing jersey,pants and gloves are anywhere from 100-300 depending on brand and design. The boots range from 80-500. Gaerne sg12's are the hottest on the market and the best bang for your buck they have great ankle protection but the best range of movement. The google go for 20-60. Spy's and Scott are the best, foam stays in tact, lenses last quite a while. Helmets range from 100-500. Fox and Shoei make some of the best. I suggest getting a leatt brace which range from 200-600 (the moto gpx sport is the best) Knee Braces are a must you never know how important they are until you end up with messed up knee's. This is a very expensive sport but, the most rewarding. If you want more information on after market parts email me and I'll help you out the best I can.

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    A Yamaha experience day is a awesome start - Ive done a few to further my riding and always come away not only learning more that I thought possible but having a really enjoyable, if not tiring, day. You can check out some details in how to start in motocross in the link provided.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hi mate,

    first of all you need to decide the appropriate bike and for you. if you are under 10 years old go with a 65cc if you are 10-15 go with an 85cc or a crf150r. if you are over 15 go with a 125cc 2 stroke or 250 4 stroke. next you need to find a place to practice, look around for a local practise track or even ask a local farmer permission to use a field to learn to ride. once you feel confident find a local club and get a membership and yearly licence for racing. the club will notify you when there is a race on and you can turn up and race.

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    get a bike of your choice (preferably a small four stroke). Find somewhere to practise like a field or practise track. Get helmet, gloves and body armour.

    Get a pit bike as their cheaper and easier to buy and maintain. Their like an mx bike, take it to a field or practise track. Once you got the hang of that then upgrade to an 65 or 85 then get a 125 or 150 etc.

    Could start off doing pre-65 mx as bikes are easier to fix and you don't jump as high. In theory the bikes are slower. You can also ride twins in pre-65 as well.c

    Source(s): www.hobbit-classic-mx.co.uk/classic-mx-bikes.html ridestomp.com/09/index.html
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  • Mark
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    Step one...learn to ride. Take a class. Step two get a bike....

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