What actually happened between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber today?

Did Red Bull want Webber to come first or what?

Why was Webber upset with Vettel for overtaking him?

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    8 years ago
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    Well obviously the team were concerned about these two battling, towards the end of the race and didn't see the point. I understand Webber was said to be in a holding pattern, with Vettel not expected to bust past him, risking taking them both off. Whether there were any pre-arranged orders in place I have no idea (and will be watching the Beeb coverage later on to see if that shed more light on this). And what's in a Contract may not be known to anybody other than the people involved (which I understand applies to the Mercedes situation which was much the same although Rosberg behaved himself!!).

    Webber always gets upset when he feels he's been stuffed up whether this is the case, or not.

    Frankly I'm very concerned about what's going on with F1 at the moment from 'team orders' to what the drivers are being allowed, or not allowed to do, to the tyres. IF Vettel disobeyed team orders, of what had been arranged before the race (given we don't hear ALL the radio discussion) then he may be for the hi-jump over this.

    I just wish the drivers were allowed to to their thing - whether or not one takes the other out and loses points for the Constructors title!! In the past, good drivers new how to look after their cars (fuel levels apart) without all this need for control from the pit-lane going on.

  • 8 years ago

    Webber was out pacing Vettel BEFORE the team order was given to hold their position. Webber being a team player did as he was instructed and tuned the engine down. Vettel did not, only THEN was he able to pass Webber. If I'd been in Webber's position I think I'd be upset as well. Vettel stole the win from Webber.

  • Jay
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    8 years ago

    Supposedly, team orders were for Vettel to hold his position. He didn't, passed Webber and won the race. Vettel has admitted to making a mistake. Personally, I hate team orders and think if Webber were faster than Vettel, he would have held the lead. If the championship comes down to 1 or two points at the end of the season, today might mean a whole lot more. http://www.nationalspeedsportnews.com/formula-one/...

  • 8 years ago

    My understanding is this:

    RBR have been struggling with tires this season.

    The driver's were told to hold position and turn the engines down to secure their position

    They also didn't want to risk taking each other out

    Webber did as he was told and turned the engine down and started cruising, which is why Vettel got so close

    Vettel ignored orders and raced Webber even though he was repeatedly told not to, and then claimed it was a mistake.

    Webber had been holding back to within about 8 tenths of ultimate pace, Vettel did not. Plus there's the whole 'Mark is too slow, get him out the way' comment

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  • 8 years ago

    He has no reason to be upset, because Webber isn't three times world champ, Vettel is, there's a pecking order here. If Vettel ever joins Ferrari with Alonso, that team would be awesome and invinsible, Webber isn't at the same level as Vettel

  • 8 years ago

    Jealousy. Plain and simple. The old geezer is tired of being "number two" and in Sebs shadow. Old man is running out of time to win the title.

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