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How much difference between pathologist(MD) and other specialties in examination knowldege?

How much difference between pathology specialties and other clinicians in pathology knowledge?

For example, the "other clinicians" are able to also exam Virus in blood, or research DNA (which lab works)? or, blood infection, leukemia?

Please help this ask,sir.

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    Pathology is a fully-fledged specialty in its own right; there is about as much difference between pathology and other specialties as there is between any other specialty and other specialties.

    Other physicians would not be completely clueless about pathology and what pathologists do- all physicians get a fairly good rotation of all major aspects of medicine, and how it's work. I had a few basic lessons in a pathology lab setting as part of med school, for instance. However, they wouldn't have the same comprehensive knowledge of that particular field as a trained pathologist would. While they might able to do some of the more basic procedures (with a bit of instruction, perhaps), they wouldn't be able to replace a pathologist for that role.

    Usually, the clinician, if he suspects something, will take a sample and have it sent to the pathology lab for further testing. It often requires a bit of deduction on the clinician's part as to what is likely, so the pathologist knows what specifically to look for (different tests are useful for different conditions). The pathologist will then return his findings to the clinician in a pathology report, which will usually summarise the tests done, the results, and the opinion of the pathologist as to what those findings mean.

    I'll give you an example- I once needed to find out if I was immune to some diseases (as I needed to know if I needed any vaccines for my job). The pathologists took a blood sample and looked for the appropriate antibodies in my blood. Their report said which antibodies had been found, how much, and whether or not this was consistent with me being immune to those diseases.

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