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Does this count as depression?

Lately I've been spending a lot of time alone. And I genuinely enjoy it. What I do is just watch movies or shows or read or sleep. Anything but deal with acutal life. I sleep as much as I possibly can and then am still tired. I don't like being around my family or even friends for the most part. And mostly I just keep to myself. The werid thing is that I use to be the kind of person who was out ever weekend and made friends with everyone. I would hate being alone. Always. Nothing drastic has happened in my life, well my parents are getting a divorce but I saw it coming and I took it well, I agree with it. I enjoy spending time alone but I get sad sometimes... is this depression? And is it bad to want to be alone?

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    That most certainly sounds like depression to me! Im bipolar 2 and am mainly in major depression and what you have now sounds exactly like my depression. No its not bad to want to be alone, but being alone for maybe a week straight is a little bad because then it becomes physically unhealthy (lack of vitamins, exercise etc.) When you're depressed it is perfectly fine to be alone because from my experience when I've forced myself into social enviornments like school it sometimes makes me feel better but then sometimes just makes me spiral out of control because it makes me realize how happy everyone is and how unhappy I am.

    Please see a therapist if you can? It helps immensly and just sitting through your depression can make it worse and lead to self harm or suicide (I know you're probably like "I wont go that far" but trust me I've seen it happen to myself and many friends.)

    Hope this helps

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