Why would anybody believe in any specific religion?

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with believing in a higher power in general. When debating about whether or not there is a higher power that created the universe, there are solid arguments to be made on both sides. But when you start narrowing your beliefs down to the existence of a deity as specific in characteristics as the Gods that are described in religious texts, think about what you are doing. Let's just say, for argument's sake, that when deciding if you believe there is a higher power that created the universe, you have 50/50 shot of being right - fairly decent odds. However, when advocating for a specific god, such as the Christian God, you are making a second leap of faith. Even if you were able to prove that there is in fact a higher power, that would still leave trillions and trillions of possibilities as to what that higher power is like. There could be one, there could be many. It could be Apollo, it could be Zeus...Hell, it could be the flying spaghetti monster. Given the fact that there is as much evidence supporting the existence of your God, as there is for any other possible God (including ones that people don't even worship) why would you narrow your beliefs down to something so specific?


My logic is flawed because Jesus is the only way to heaven? It's funny, because just the other day, I heard the same thing about some dude named Muhammad.

"The Bible is the only religious text that makes sense." I don't know, after years of attending church and youth groups as a part of my Catholic upbringing, it still didn't make that much sense.

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OK, first of all, even if had all of the knowledge of the human race, I would only fully understand about 3% of the 3rd dimensional universe (where humans exist). Not to mention the fact that there are at least 10 dimensions in our universe (probably more), and the human brain is only capable of comprehending the first through third dimensional universes. Second, there is not a scrap of evidence that leads me to believe any conclusion. It is by no means logical to draw any conclusions - in fact it is just ignorant. Even the smartest of human beings are absolute morons who know nothing of the ways of the universe. As Socrates said: "I am the wisest of the Greeks, and this is because I alone, among the Greeks, know that I know nothing at all."

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    Because Christ said "I am THE Way, THE Truth, and THE life"(John 14:6), the bible tells us that we have "ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism..."(Eph.4:14)

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    Your logic is flawed. Jesus is the only way to heaven. The bible is the only religious book that makes any sense at all. Do some research and you will come to the same conclusion.

    All other religions are false.

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    Generic "let's hum to the pulse of the universe" stuff lacks punch. And crazy, but mostly punch.

    Either call all those wacky monotheists and polytheists a bunch of superstitious wankers or pick something fun.

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    Because we had teachers


    The sutra states, “Those persons who had heard the Law dwelled here and there in various Buddha lands, constantly reborn in company with their teachers,” and “If one stays close to the teachers of the Law, one will speedily gain the bodhisattva way.

    All life is connected and we are born again with our teachers ie (Buddha).

    Buddhism we have proof to share with the suffering. To save them.

    So we can all be Happy :D

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    This is illogical in the extreme. You refuse to argue for a higher power and you refuse to argue against and you utterly refuse to either take a stand or investigate to a conclusion. This is mindless. You are not worthy of my rationality.

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    The rest are manifestly wrong.

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    i love apollo <3 : )

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