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How is life in dallas,Tx?

20 days and I will move to Dallas,Tx for educational purpose ( Richland college ), so I would like to know more about life in dallas ..is it expensive ? people are friendly ? is it safe? is it boring ? I just want to have an idea ..

I'm 20 years from Lebanon

Thank you


I will stay at plano or allen, my relatives live there..

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    Dallas is awesome the people here are laid back chilled and like to have a good time. Dallas is in Texas which means low cost of living that's why people flock here to Dallas and the surrounding DFW area. People here are friendly, some of the rich people here are stuck up though. The crime rate of Dallas is extremely low for a city of it's size (1,200,000). Dallas is far from boring, the city's nightlife generally picks up on Thursday and on into the weekend. Attractions here are always packed even in the week days. We have world class shopping and more restaurants per capita than New York.

    Dude you'll enjoy your stay here, you'll never be bored I guarantee that lol, people here are friendly, you'll always see a cop patrolling the area (which is a good thing), Traffic is sometimes a pain in the rear lol. You'll be able to find a nice high rise condo in the downtown and uptown areas. Northern Dallas and area near lakes are the best to live. Dallas reminds me of L.A if you ask me instead of beaches we have lakes which is still cool. If you want to go to the beach travel to South Texas which is near the Gulf of Mexico.

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    I live there and I love it!! If you don't live close to texas than you don't know what what-a-burger is. IT IS AMAZING! Well, to me. The people there are very nice, but it matters on who you know. The schools are very good. It is worth a try in my opinion.

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