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Is there any way of accessing a large free cloud(Internet storage) or similar?

I have little to no money, but I need to back up all of my files. Ideally I'd store it on the net but most cloud computing sites charge for storage and most free sites memory space are so small they're not worth using. So, can anyone help?

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    I would recommend using as they offer 50GB of free storage, and if that isn't enough they offer up to 4TB of storage for a little price. Also, MEGA offers a faster download and upload speed than any other cloud storage service.

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    7 years ago

    Dropbox is really good (2gb of storage for free, and you can get 3gb more if you use camera uploads, you can even get more doing other tasks, such as connecting with Facebook and Twitter). If you want my referral code (I heard if people use a referral code the person who signs up gets 500mb extra): , otherwise go to

    If you want more storage (50gb free) then is great:

  • 7 years ago

    the cloud is a terrible place to store your data, get two backup drives and mirror all your data.

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