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What Graphics card is better for gaming?

Ok so im on a budget and i have the choice between Nvidia GTX 650 1gb or Nvidia GTX 650 2gb , and i was just wondering what is better for gaming? if i get the 2gb, i have to save up abit longer, but is it worth it? and if you know the average FPS for one or both on any game, please tell me in your answer. please can you also tell me the differences between the two graphics cards? thanks in advance!

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  • 7 years ago

    Nvidia GTX 650 2gb

  • 3 years ago

    good does not describe the awesomeness this is the 580. super does not describe the awesomeness this is the gtx580. mind-blowing is comes up short whilst attempting to quantify the awesomeness this is the gtx580. until you certainly get in the back of an F1 Indy motor vehicle or a Blue Angel's jet there isn't an exceptionally ideal be conscious which could positioned across how insanely remarkable the GTX580 is. I however offered the GTX570 categorised from amazon . I nonetheless can not recover from each thing this card can do. I propose why somebody buys the gtx580 is previous me. I propose beneficial that's a simpler card and has greater VRAM for extensive resolutions however the GTX570 categorised cna additionally be overclocked to and previous the portion of a GTX580. i'm heavily maxing out each and each interest I even have. From Crysis to BF3 Beta i will max them out. Set Crysis on fanatic point and nonetheless getting 100FPS. Set BF3 on extremely and that i've got not ran my FPS visual demonstrate unit with it yet there is not any tearing or lag yet rather basically fluid action and mind-blowing gaming. it quite is the GTX 570 categorised @ inventory settings. i substitute into pondering overclocking however the greater I play video games with this the greater I comprehend is has each thing and greater for the video games basically because it sits. it quite is for $a hundred thirty decrease than the 580. I additionally get carry of 3dMark for loose. i'm additionally getting Batman Arkham Asylum for loose whilst that's released to the laptop in November. as properly to being simpler than the GTX570 superclocked it, the categorised is likewise outfitted upon the gtx580's PCB( the board that's on ) It does not have 2 6 pin PCI skill connections. It has a 6+2 pin and a 6pin for greater skill availability and consequently simpler overclocking possibilities and card stability. that's an exceptionally remarkable card that breaths new existence into your gaming. not greater 184 diverse mixtures of gfx putting to earnings. could I set shadows to medium and AA to off or Reflections on and bloom of or or or or? No it quite is basically set to max and interest. i'm on a smaller 1280x1024 visual demonstrate unit so i will't talk to larger displays and resolutions however the pics are so plenty simpler and it incredibly is so plenty greater exciting once you notice each and all the attention candy that a interest has to grant.

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    The 2GB version is no better than the 1GB version.

    But GTX-650 is not at all good option. I would suggest you to get the HD 7770 1GB DDR5 in the same range.

  • 7 years ago

    i have only 1Gb graphic Vram. i'm playing skryim with 4x4 texture resolution and my Vram not fully used. if you compare that GPU with both 650 TI. no difference performance with it. but between 650 non ti 1gb and 650 ti 2gb performance is really difference. 650 ti 1gb and 2gb same performance use more watt than 650 non ti 1gb. just click the link below to see the difference between it.

    650ti 1gb and 650ti 2gb is no difference in performance.

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    7 years ago

    For gaming I'd definitely recommend the 2GB version. 1GB processing might not be fast enough

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This is very game specific, most games are still designed to work around 1gb of vram and gain little benefit but i got a feeling that this will shift upwards soon enough.

    "1GB processing" - wtf is that? lol

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