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Is there any military recruiter out there?

I was hoping if someone out there can help me get a felony waiver. I have passed my asvab with a score of 63, I can also speak two Filipino language and I'm certified as a rescue scuba diver.

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    how many different ways are you going to ask the SAME question? i take it you don't like the answers you are getting when you ask every other by all means, ASK IT AGAIN!!! no one in here has any magic powers to wave a wand and make this happen for you, and as i know i have mentioned before, this is NOT going to happen for you. i am sorry, but recruiting is good for the military these days (and will continue to be for the next 5 to 6 years anyhow) and they are going to turn away many applicants that do not need a waiver at all because they are full - so why should they make room for a FELON???

    good for you being a rescue scuba diver - sorry, the navy isn't going to call. use your certification to TEACH, because it isn't going to be put to use in the service.

    second, your ASVAB score really isn't that impressive. if ASVAB scores were based on a percentage scale, 63% is a "D-". that's not going to convince anyone of anything about being an under achiever.

    any kind of waiver is almost impossible to get. exceptional applicants that need something very minor, maybe one too many speeding tickets, or, they have one too many dependents (but have great credit and a good income to debt ratio) - those are about the only ones i see being processed - IF that.

    in good recruiting times like these, they have certain mechanisms to 'weed out' the applications. anything medical is pretty much a show stopper. anything FELONY - ABSOLUTELY a show stopper. this is NOT going to happen for you. even if you could find a recruiter that wants to waste sometime putting together a waiver package for you, his boss, or his recruiting area supervisor is going to shoot it down. if the current LOI (local operating instruction) or current policy is "no waivers will be considered" or "no waivers for anything other than ____ will be considered", then that is it. no one can help you, and it won't matter how badly you want in, or how willing a recruiter may be to help you. and not to be mean, but why should they? turn down someone right out of high school that has a clean record, and a higher ASVAB, for someone that has a criminal history and a low ASVAB? be practical. that is the real world.

    and that is the bottom line. I know you want this, but listen carefully and soak it in: your application is DOA. this is NOT going to happen for you. no way. no how. not today. not in this climate. you need to come up with a "Plan 'B'" and then follow through. Plan "A" is dead. tell everyone you know that gets involved or is planning to get involved with criminal activity to NOT do so. foolish decisions can have life-long consequences.

    good luck with your future. but please, let this go. don't hold false hope for something that is NOT going to happen. it isn't healthy. come back to the real world. make-believe is a nice world when you are 5. but not when you are an adult.

    time to move on son. the other gentleman was right. the days of the recruiter being there in court giving you an alternative to jail are long, LONG gone. the military no longer needs or wants societal rejects.

    but by all means, ask again next week...

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    The days of military recruiters standing out on the court house steps are long gone my friend. At one time when you went in front of the judge you two choices, one go to prison for xx number of years or these nice gentleman in uniform of our country would be more than happy to speak with you. You pick, I'm willing to let you sit behind bars the next 19 years but if you pick one of these I'll let the prison go. What do you think? 99% went military and were to damned scared to get out, even if they were sent to Korea or Nam. Once in one of those places many didn't return except in a body bag.

    You do have something they may soon need however, there are probable ten more that have much of the same quality's you have with out a felony record. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is how it is in the big world now. All of the branches have drastically cut back and altered there standards a great deal and if yo don't measure up they don't even waste there time. I was once a recruiter during the 1st gulf war and even then it was no easy pickings.

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    It depends on how old you were and the nature of the offense. For us, there are currently no waivers authorized for ANY adult felony offense. If it was in your junveline record it would depend on the offense. Also, if it were something our policy allowed, you would need to go through a suitability review where the Commanders would decide if you were ok to enlist in the US Army.

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    Not waiverable for the Army, or National Guard

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