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I need a character name based off of inside description.?


Female, brunette hair falling down to waist. Heart shaped face, small scar where hairline begins. She's very small in /every/ aspect.

Short, very skinny, quiet, and she has a somewhat fragile look to her.

She's very pale, and has a... Narrow nose. She has grey eyes.

Oh, and her hair has a slight curl to it.


She's naturally quiet and has strong opinions that she chooses not to voice. Hates being in the spotlight.

I want to see a name and be like, "Yes! That's it!"

I don't really believe in finding a random name... I think names fit characters personalities, and not just one pretty name fits all.

If you have any suggestions, please answer this! I'm so stuck on this name!!

Also, if you need extra info, the plotline for her character in my story is basically that she wants to be an actor, but her quietness and shyness overpowers her wish. Through out the story she is learning to become open and honest with how she feels and what she wants.

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  • Summer
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    * = One of my favourite names.

    Here are my suggestions which i think would fit your description:

    Alicia (Pronounced Alice-Ia) (Nicknames: Alice, Liss, C) *


    Aleta *

    Amelie *


    Ashelee (Nicknames: Ash, Ashy/Ashe, Lee) *

    Cecilia (Celia, C, CC, Lia) *


    Cersei *

    Dakota (D/Dee, Kota)

    Elisif (Pronounced El-E-Sif) *

    Elizabeth (El, Liza, Eliz, Eliza, Beth)



    Eve or Eva.

    Jade (J/Jay, D/Dee) *

    Jada (J/Jay, D/Dee, Ada) *

    Julia (Julie, J/Jay, Lia)

    Kathryn (Kath, Kathy, Ryn) *



    Lynette (Lyn, Nette, Ette)


    Rosetta or Rosette (Rose, Rosie, Ette, Etta)

    Rowan *


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  • eldeen
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    I admire Mia the first-class, although Kamryn can be best :) For nicknames, Mia particularly does not want one. Kamryn could go by means of Kami, Kam, Amri, or Ryn. BQ1) On a scale, 1-10 how a lot romance do you love inside books? 10 being probably the most (that means nearly each web page has some sort of romantic theme in it) >>i might say a few 5. It is nice to have now and then, however it's now not a necessity. BQ2) the place would your MC like to move if he/she could go anyplace at this second? >>At this second? Probably house. She simply acquired stranded on some strange Island. Later on, she almost always would not need to go wherever ^.^ BQ3) What would your response be if immediately your MC regarded proper in front of you without any warning? >>i would more often than not yelp, then look at her for a minute, looking to decide if she might really be my persona or if i'm imagining things. She'd on the whole be simply as startled as i'm ^.^

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    I have the same opinion as you, I prefer names that fit the character. What popped up in my mind were names like Morgan or Julia. Something simple. Nothing too futuristic because her appearance and personality fits a plain, sweet female name.

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    Good luck with your story! :)

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  • Anonymous
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    Go to they will give you names tell you their origin and meaning if you don't like that the goddess Athena had grey eyes hope this helps.

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