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how many jews lived in england in the middle ages?

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    There were apparently none before 1066, they came with the Normans.

    At first things went well for Jews in England, but the Crusades whipped up antisemitic sentiments, including pogroms (massacres) in London and in York. In 1290 Edward evicted all Jews from the realm. Most were allowed to take only what possessions they could carry. Population figures at that time are unknown, but are estimated at probably a few hundred, and no more than a few thousand.

    Nearly all evidence that there had ever even been a Jewish presence in England was eradicated. While some refugees from the Spanish Inquisition (so-called Marranos) may have fled to England in secret after their expulsion from Spain in 1492, officially Jews were not allowed back into England until permission was granted by Oliver Cromwell in 1655.

    So, for a large portion of the Middle Ages, there were NO Jews living in England.

    Source(s): Me, Jewish cultural historian
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    Not many.Most were involved in some way as money-lenders.This is because the catholic church would not allow Christians to lend money and charge interest.At different points Jews particularly upset the King of the time and all were excluded from England,under pain of arrest/prison.

    In my city there was a Jewish quarter,off Fish Street (now St.Aldates) and there was a Jewish cemetery that is now the famous Botanical Gardens (cemetery was there in Middle Ages,also still there and named is the route to it."Dead Man's Walk").

    Source(s): Teacher in Oxford.
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    At the time of the 1290 Edict of Expulsion,about 2000.

    After that none,except the odd individual who came back for business reasons posing as a Lombard or some other kind of foreigner.

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    i think there were quite a lot before they were expelled from England by Edward I in 1290. one of the most shameful episodes in English history.

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