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out of 100 questions from my practice test assignment I need HELP with 10 question from health class.?

1.)Who was credited with starting the Protestant Reformation?

A.)King James

B.)Anne Hutchinson

C.)Roger Williams

D.)Martin Luther

2.)The ________ earned their name from a religious journey.





3.)An early form of representative government in Plymouth Colony was known as

A.)the Edict of Nantes.

B.)the Act of Toleration.

C)King Phillip's War.

D.)the Mayflower Compact.

4.)What was the purpose in settling the colony of Carolina?

A.)launch the rice industry in North America

B.)serve as a base for slave trading

C.)launch a shipbuilding factory

D.)provide provisions for the Caribbean

5.)What was the purpose in settling the colony of Georgia?

A.)to serve as a religious haven for Catholics

B.)a buffer zone against attacks

C.)to serve as a prison for debtors

D.)to launch the silk industry

6.)________ was considered morally wrong by the Quakers.


B.)Religious toleration

C.)Religious practice of the Native Americans


7.)________ was the governor that wrote Of Plymouth Plantation.

A.)John Winthrop

B.)William Bradford

C.)James Oglethorpe

D.)William Penn

8.)The first French colony in North America was established by

A.)Robert La Salle.

B.)Samuel de Champlain

C.)Jacques Cartier.

D.)Henry Hudson.

9.)Which of the following groups of people were known for establishing fur trading posts in North America?

A.)he Native Americans

B.)the Spanish

C.)the French

D.)the Dutch

10.)Why were the Puritans considered more prepared for North America than the settlers in Jamestown?

A.)They had a more direct relationship with God.

B.)They were deemed more intelligent.

C.)They brought women and families with them.

D.)They had a solid work ethic.

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  • zafir
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    8 years ago
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    1. D

    2. B

    How about you read your text books or Google the rest. It's your homework, you should know the answers without having to look anything up or asking others to do it for you.

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