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Is the bible pornographic?

Some groups are lobbying for the censorship of the bible

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    Yes, there are several groups that lobby against the Bible. Any believer that doesn't know this has done little reading and have forgotten how prayer was successfully discontinued in public schools as well as removing official religious exercises, like once regular reading of the Bible from public schools started much earlier with the McCollum v. Board of Education case decided on March 8, 1948.

    Another example would be the several courthouses in the US removing of the Ten Commandments plaques witha 2012, being one of the most recent in an Alabama Courthouse.

    As the Bible being pornographic, no. To fall under the umbrella of pornographer denotes that a particular sex acts are taped, developed, sold, distributed for the sole purpose of profit or sexual gratification. The Bible, even though some of the accounts give historical accounts, of rape, incest, prostitution, and sexual manipulation; it is not promoting. It is simple accounting. When read properly, you will also ear the consequences of poor decisions, much like we read in our news paper, news or documentaries.

    It is a not a fully developed practice to determine because I seen it on your network you must be agreeing with it. Even our network channels will disclaim "The views of this -------// is not necessarily the views or opinion of ------(whatever that station be may)

    The sole purpose of these accounts in the Bible is not only for us to learn how to be but also, where many before have failed and successeded before us. The main foundation is for us to see the journey of being removed from God, the road of restoration and everything in between to serve as a measuring rod for believers.

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    I don't think there are any groups lobbying for the censorship of the bible at all.

    When it comes to sexual behaviour the bible is far from explicit (often using poetic and symbolic language) and certainly doesn't tititalate or aim to excite its readers. Anyone that suggests the bible is "pornographic" possibly doesn't know what pornography actually is.

    As for children and the bible, if they are old enough to read and understand the words they are old enough to be given a balanced and correct concept of the behavours.

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    Well it does contain Incest however it does not go into detail like a pornographic book probably does. However I do agree Children should not read the Bible. Some stories are... Disturbing.

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    There are a lot of whores in the bible.

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    There is at least one story (the song of songs) that is a pretty racy love story.

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