Facebook Cover Image...?

How was this image made? Please help.... I already downloaded a "snipping tool" for screenshots etc.

But how do i make this? Thanks...I have a bit of a idea.






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    8 years ago
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    There are many websites which let you make images such as these specifically for facebook. For example,


    is one of the more popular ones.

    Alternatively, you can easily whip one of those images up by some simple photoshop.

    Another way you can get it done easily is to record your screen using a screen recording software. Then you will get a similar image on the recording screen. Then all you have to do is do a print screen.

  • 8 years ago

    The number one is pretty easy but lots of work. I think theres some website where you can upload ur cover photo and they would automaticallly would do it

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    8 years ago

    Hi my dear.I can,t go to those http.But I think a bunch of white flowers(simbol of peace)in your hand instead of gun has more effects in your image.Good mind.

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