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What language would you recommend me to learn?

I'm a native Spanish speaker and I already speak English. The thing is lately I've been wanting to learn a new language but I want to learn something useful.

Not Mandarin (Chinese) since it is too hard.

Thank you.

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  • Useful is the key word: useful to what?

    Classical studies require Latin and ancient Greek, Renaissance Italian, the XVII and XVIII century were the "siecle françoises".

    To day is quite difficult to choose a language a part English.

    To the friend that have children my advise is to make them learn French and German, but this has two reasons that can not be applicable to you.

    The first is that I live in Northern Italy and a lot of German or French town are closer than some of the Italian cities, the second is that if a boy learn both French and German has a very easy path to learn English.

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    Chinese is actually easier since it has no weird grammar structures like Western languages. But aside from that, I'd recommend French and Arabic. With those four languages you can pretty much conquer the world.

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    Learn Italian because it's beautiful and similar to Spanish. You will not take much of time learning Italian.

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    German or French are good languages in Europe.French is also used in Canada and in some places in Africa and Asia.

    Source(s): abuelito.
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    Try French or Italian as they are closer to Spanish.

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    Italian is beautiful and would be easier for you because it is similar to Spanish

  • Anonymous
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    German is a very interesting and fun language to learn.

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    Learn Hebrews, that way you can read the bible in its original language.

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