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Will the person who killed my cat in St Petersburg, Florida ever be found?

In April 2008 my cat was beaten by some monster. She died the next day. We had witnesses and it had a lot of publicity in the media. I thought that the humanity of the people there meant that the killer would be quickly apprehended. My hopes were dashed. Was my faith in the people of St Petersburg, FL misplaced? The statute of limitations is approaching and it would be good to know that there is one honest person with a sense of justice in that city who is willing to stand up and identify the killer. He was a 6 feet tall skinny black man in late teens to early 20s, probably now mid 20s, and he had a dachshund on a leash with him. You can learn more at my web site whokilledamy.com.


I took my cat into the front yard when I was doing some gardening. I went inside and she refused to come in, so I left her for 10 minutes. If you are going to be one semi-illiterates like Clockwork Knight who apparently was not there on the day and saw nothing, and are going to be criticizing me and defending the bad guys, please don't post a response. FYI, it is people like the killer and Clockwork Knight who become the kidnappers and child abusers. It is well known that animal abuse and indifference to pain are precursors to other violent activity.

Update 2:

Thanks to Michele the Louis Wain cat for such a detailed and sympathetic response. I'd probably choose this as the best answer if required to choose right now.

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    Oh my that is awful. I can't begin to imagine how devastated you must be feeling. I am so sorry that despite there being witnesses, no-one has come forward to identify the culprit. Though I don't understand their way of thinking, unfortunately some people have little or no compassion where animals are concerned. Nevertheless I would have thought the reward offered would have prompted someone to report this monster. I really don't want to dash your hopes, but since this happened almost 5 years ago it's unlikely the culprit will be found. They may have moved out of the area or those who can identify him will continue to maintain their silence. (If he can beat an innocent animal to death then I imagine that he's violent or aggressive in his relationships with people and is probably a very intimidating character.) It's true that animal abusers often progress on to violent crimes against humans, so it's very worrying that someone so volatile isn't being held accountable. Who knows whom his next victim will be.

    In my opinion anyone who revels in hearing of animal abuse because it "justifies" their belief that cats should never leave the house is NOT an animal lover. Where is their compassion for the animal itself? The fact that there are animal abusers and people who don't condemn such behaviour says a lot about their warped way of thinking. In a decent society animal abuse (under any circumstances) should never be considered acceptable.

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    I hate to say it but probly not. Society just doesn't seam to value animals like normal people. Unless there going extinct. The only thing you can really do is get another cat and keep an eye on it. Sorry about you cat I truely am.

    Source(s): Same thing happens to me :/
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    Your fault. You allowed the cat to roam and the cat died becouse you couldn't be bothered to keep it inside where it belong

    The cops honestly have far better things to do then to cater to an irresponsible owner who couldn't be bothered to keep their cat indoors were it belonged. They have kidnappers, child abusers and the like to be concerned with.

    Not some one who let their cat roam and is blaming every one else for your failure to keep it safe. You would still be blammoing every one else if it had been ran over instead.

    : Was my faith in the people of St Petersburg, FL misplaced? "

    Heard of something called taking repsobilty for your failure as a cat owner? Clearly not. Your cat belonged indoors and should have been kept indoors. You really have no one to blame but yourself for what happened.

    Why do cat owners refuse to accept responsibility for their cats and allow them to roam then get bet out of shape when something happens to it becouse it was their fault?


    You LEFT the cat outside. Still your fault. You allowed the cat to roam so its your fault. And I highly doubt some random person beat your cat to death.

    I defend responsible owners, which you are not.

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    Probably not , unless they get caught in the act, some people are so mean.

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