Install aftermarket speakers with stock head unit (Uconnect Access) in 2013 300c?

I have a brand new 300c with the Beats Audio System, and I wanted to know if I could replace all the speakers in the car with higher quality aftermarket speakers and keep the head unit (Uconnect Access)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Of course, the real problem would be if you wanted to change out the head unit or install further amplifiers. You will have 0 problem with speaker changes!

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  • 3 years ago

    Aftermarket Uconnect

  • veloso
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    3 years ago

    If those door audio kit are the only audio kit, diverse than your sub, on your truck do now now not advance them. Run them off of your head unit. in the event that they're now not the only audio kit and that they are 6x9 indoors the decrease back, i'd desire to run a separate small amp (decrease than one hundred watts max score consistent with channel). actual do now now not advance something that's indoors the front or smaller than a 0.5-way good 6x9. The aftermarket head unit will grant adequate ability if that's so.

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