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what do you think about the new and improved gop?

The gop is new and improved. do you like that?

The Republican Party must be the champion of those who seek to climb the economic ladder of life.

Low-income Americans are hardworking people who want to become hard-working middle-income

Americans. Middle-income Americans want to become upper-middle-income, and so on. We need

to help everyone make it in America.

We have to blow the whistle at corporate malfeasance and attack corporate welfare. We should

speak out when a company liquidates itself and its executives receive bonuses but rank-and-file

workers are left unemployed. We should speak out when CEOs receive tens of millions of dollars

in retirement packages but middle-class workers have not had a meaningful raise in years.



Report - Growth and Opportunity Project - Republican National ...

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GRoWTH & oPPoRTuNITy PRoJECT. GROWTH ... Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced the Growth and Opportunity. Project.

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    This has always been their platform but they didn't bother to articulate it. Who knew that people would determine that making a better business environment to encourage growth in the economy would be construed as being only for the wealthy? How absurd. The US has the highest corporate tax rate, the most complicated tax code, and the most anti business regulations in the world. Without major reform, our economy will never improve for Main St. Higher taxes and more spending isn't going to fix anything. Even cutting spending without new growth will only extend the misery. They need to make the US competitive in the world of business again to result in many new jobs.

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    Never ever will I vote for a Republican.

  • Gasy
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    8 years ago

    When they loser the cost of education then I will believe this is not all talk.

    Lets be honest. They are the Koch brothers *****. They won'd do anything with out their permission.

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    It still needs a facelift. The current one's too old and decrepit.

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    Funny, I couldn't find that on the GOP website.....but then since you are a lib, I know most of what you say is untrue.

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