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Why do people seek jobs in the medical field as direct responders to patients, yet don't want to respond?

I work in the Respiratoy Dept. of a very busy hospital. A patient came in with Chickenpox and everyone basically refused to see the patient. Their reason: I never had Chickenpox. We have Isolation gear, but for some reason these pro-union I need a rasie staff members do not want to do the very job the signed up for. TREAT THE PATIENTS!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You are no doubt discovering what I noticed years ago-there are a huge number of people who went into the medical field without knowing anything about the medical field. A few years back the nursing shortage got a lot of play and many people who had no idea what was involved with nursing (and RT would be exactly the same) and direct care. They went for the promise of higher and higher salaries, liberal scheduling, a relatively short period of education and a number of other reasons that were everything but the right reasons.

    Good luck with the frustration!

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