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What research topic when googled comes up with a lot of keywords and synonyms for those keywords?

Basically I need to know of a topic I can research that would be come out with a lot of keywords and also a good amount of synonyms for those keywords. I need a good research topic in order to find some exact sources and come up with a good amount of phrases using various keywords.

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    from the research guide at the web page (below):


    When you look at the research question in the example, note that there are circles around 3 words. These are the most critical important or distinguishing words in your research question.

    Do NOT enter the whole research question. Unlike A Google search, a journal article database cannot sort through all the words and the results will be all over the place or you will get no results.

    When you search a keyword, the database is looking ONLY for that word in that form. So when you search for "college," that word is all that the database will return. If the author used another word, like "colleges" or "university" instead of "college" you will not see results with those words. That is why synonyms are important.

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