I just got law school results, give me some advice?

I got accepted into

1. Brooklyn Law ($41,000 per year scholarship)

2. Cardozo Law ($25,000 per year scholarship)

3. Fordham Law (no money)

Where should I go? I have NO IDEA what I want to do in the long run. Can someone that went to these schools or considered these schools give me some perspective on this?

I want to know what current students think about their schools, positives and negatives. Please respond, this is a HUGE DECISION and all opinions count. I went to the tours but I did not find it very helpful because all I heard were POSITIVE things about the schools. I want the insider scoop- what's the downsides to these schools?? I especially want to know how cutthroat the schools are. Where did you go any WHY?

Thank you soooo much!

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  • 7 years ago
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    The field of law is so saturated right now that a question you should ask is how many graduates get jobs in law as lawyers within six months of graduation, and what was their average salary? Because my gut is to send you to Fordham, as it is, by far, the highest ranked - and since it's top 30, that's going to help you get jobs. But being in that much debt...

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