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Materialism holds that there is only the material world and energy and all phenomena, including consciousness, is the product of material interaction... This was challenged by the Young experiments in the Observer effect, but not disproved until the advent of successful quantum teleportation (a form of entanglement that results in the remote production of a particle). This demonstrates that matter (particles) are the product of consciousness and therefore disproves the assertion consciousness is the product of material interaction (If matter is a product of consciousness then consciousness cannot be a product of matter because that would require the effect -matter to precede it's cause -consciousness) Because both experiments have been successful with actual molecules this refutes the Naturalist assertion that the natural world is not affected by anything outside the natural world.

Proponents of materialism argue that quantum mechanics is highly theoretical and you can't make such assertions but this fails because the the effects observed were the product of actual experiments with reproducible results putting the refutation squarely into the realm of experimental and therefore empirical science. As more successful experiments are conducted the 'its theoretical' argument collapses.

>>>>>WHAT does quantum teleportation mean, and what's wrong with this?

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    Quantum mechanics proves that consciousness affects energy and causes it to behave like particles or matter.

    This proves that conscious observation of energy might be creating the material reality, but it is quite a stretch to say that it proves God.

    It does make it likely that consciousness is by some mechanism creating the material reality rather than something material being the source of consciousness.

    If you are suggesting that god and consciousness are the same thing, then your statement might make some sense.

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    That is all correct.

    Quantum Teleportation implies that the world as we know it is an artificial creation. The mind operates in a dualistic manner of 'either-or-ness.' Something must be a 'this' or a 'that'. This is a limited view of reality and obstruct the greater reality that alludes us. Quantum Teleportation dispels the idea of duality that something can only 'exist' or 'not exist'.

    This is in accord with the concept of God as an infinite Presence or Power which is not subject to limitations such as being or not being. This is why God cannot be proven or disproved. Proof and disproof is lilmited only to what the mind can perceive. The mind cannot perceive or conceive of anything that is infinite, which is why quantum teleportation is a mystery, to some degree.

    When everything is considered from the context of infinity the all the content of existence is subject to it. Thus everything is infinte itself or can be considered it own universe without bounds or limitations. At the subatomic level the form of matter has no defined edges, implying that everything is collectively a part of the totality of the subatomic field. It is the mind and it's perceptiion which imagines the edges and sees forms as separate and independent of each other.

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    Quantum Mechanics And God

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    Materialism holds that there is only the material world and energy and all phenomena, including consciousness, is the product of material interaction... This was challenged by the Young experiments in the Observer effect, but not...

    Source(s): quantum physics proves god:
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    My scientific knowledge is rather limited. A bunsen burner and a slide, is about all really. I am suitable impressed with some of the content of some answers. Yet I am curious that there appears to be different views, on these reproducible results. Speculation as usual. What this appears to convey to a mere bystander is not proof of God. Rather the possibility that we will all become Gods one day. If such a thing proves anything, it proves that some consciousness had some input into creation. Is this God or merely some being or Universal necessity to creation as yet beyond our ken. The possibility of one does not make a certainty of the other. I bags my seat now on our future MOUNT OLYMPUS.

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    Matter is the product of the fine structure constant.

    Not consciousness?!?!

    Consciousness does not imagine the fine structure constant...the constant was discovered...not invented.

    Matter and energy are the same thing...they are described as tensor fields that act together under invariable relationships in each example of observation (where we take observation to mean deliberate measurement not simply consciousness perceiving).

    Here is what naturalism abides.

    Matter, energy, space, and time...are all physical things...and none are immaterial things and all the forces that give rise to observable phenomena are also physical things.

    All these things are natural...and not supernatural.

    Quantum teleportation is when an spin integer at one end of a given entangled state is use to change the spin integer at another point of the entangled state non-locally.

    All this PROVES is non-locality.

    But some people chose to INTERPRET the philosophical implications in different and sometimes radical ways.

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    God and Soul in Quantum Theory. / by Socratus /


    1. God does not create this Material World directly Himself.

    2. To create Material World and everything in It, God uses Spiritual Particles.

    3. The modern name of these Spiritual Particles is Quantum of Light.

    Quantum of Light is most phenomenal particle in the World.

    Quantum of Light is the structural essence of the Material World.

    The essence of all material objects is Quantum of Light.

    Through the behavior of Quantum of Light we can understand

    what an Absolute God has the Highest form of Consciousness.


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    Science (quantum mechanics) has just 'discovered' Consciousness!

    'Materialism' as a scientific or philosophical theory is refuted, dead and buried, obsolete!

    Those who continue, continue to 'believe', religionizing it away from 'science and philosophy'! From 'theory' to 'belief'!

    "Consciousness is the ground of all being!" - Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics

    One Consciousness!

    Existence = the complete Universe = Reality = Consciousness = Truth = 'Self!' = God = Brahman = Tao = ... etc....


    'One'! Omni-! 'Self!'!


    ~~~ You tell me. 'Proof' is only what an individual is willing to/must accept and 'believe' to be "truth"!

    Further 'critical thought' becomes unnecessary (burns calories), and becomes a 'belief'!

    It might be considered 'proof' for those who see it that way, and who 'need' 'proof'!

    tat tvam asi (

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    Simply put, they have discovered that some particles are in more than one place at once and can move without any real journey. They have also found that some particles behave the way the observer wants them to and act differently for a different observer.

    This proves that a lot of this "there is no God" ethic that many scientists used to propound is looking less and less likely, and to some extent, it could be said that God must actually exist in each of us.

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    If anything it proves we are god. Not just human, but everything. We're all made up from the same basic building blocks or at least this is what I've come to believe.

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