Hello, I am looking for a nice laptop to play World of Warcraft on for a decent price. There any suggestions?

There has to be at least some decent ones bc my brothers plays it rather well, but I'd like to have one of my own cause I think he's getting a little fed up with me playing on his laptop. L.O.L.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Here's a list of the minimum and recommended system requirements:


    Minimum for windows (there's MAC reqs at the aforementioned link):

    Operating System

    Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7/Windows® 8 (Updated with the latest Service Packs)


    Intel® Pentium® D or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2


    NVIDIA® GeForce® 6800 or

    ATI™ Radeon™ X1600 Pro (256 MB)


    2 GB RAM (1 GB Windows XP)


    25 GB available hard drive space


    Keyboard and mouse required. Other input devices are not supported.


    1024 x 768 minimum display resolution

    If you get at least that, it will run the game.

    I run most of my settings at ultra and I'm in a 25m raiding guild. I built my tower using the smaller HAF 912 case, an AMD Phenom II processor, a Radeon 4350, 8 GB ram and I run windows 7. I do have a dedicated hard drive for my games but it's not necessary if that's what you're primarily using the computer for (just don't download a bunch of music and/or videos on it and you should be fine).

    Mind you, with this, I run mostly ultra settings, you can run the game at "good" with a lot less. While I can't really recommend a laptop at a "decent price" without knowing what your budget is or what you do in game (do you raid 10m, 25m, pvp, just quest for funsies), I can recommend you look at the minimum requirements and start there, then see if something better is in your budget, depending on what you want in the game.

    If you need it to run smoothly (for raiding, pvp, etc), get a quicker processor. If you want the game to "look pretty" get a better video card.

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  • 3 years ago

    those are the equipment standards for the interest, that's purely a case of procuring for a pc that meets or ideally exceeds right here interest standards. very virtually each and every new pc will exceed those specs, the reason i'm not suggesting a definite one is as a results of the fact they're going to all do the interest... Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz 512 MB or extra of RAM 32 MB 3-D pix card with Hardware rework and lighting fixtures, consisting of NVIDIA® GeForce™ 2 classification card or above DirectX® 9.0c (lined) and recent video drivers 6.0 GB obtainable HD area 4x CD-ROMpersistent A 56k or extra helpful internet connection.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The only one with good enough features in my opinion is the HP envy 17. I love mine and the sound quality is also amazing an added extra. They show you where the good deals are on http://hpenvy17.com Good Luck!

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